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25 October 2012

News from GalleryTextiles

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I have taken the opportunity recently to have a bit of an autumn clean out and relaunch one of my old websites ( and merge it into a new one

There isn’t much information there yet as I am still transferring anything worthwhile and leaving out any old stuff. But, you may like to see my November e-newsletter click here. If you would like to be added to my list just email me

But in the meantime o see any new work I have been working on click here for my ‘next door’ blog……


15 October 2012

Stitch & Creative Craft Show Leeds

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I am just packing my portmanteau to take to Leeds and just thought I’d give everyone a preview of the other goodies I am taking to sell

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you are going to the show, all of my workshops are bookable at Stand E2 or just swing by and say hello.

30 September 2012

New for autumn at Gallery Textiles

I you go next door you will see new plans for

13 August 2012

Summer Clearance at Galllery Textiles

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2 July 2012

New Rubber stamps

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If you’re looking for details of my rubber stamps for Joanna Sheen, you’ll need to go next door

4 June 2012

Jubilee Discount at Gallery Textiles

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I was feeling sorry for everyone yesterday who were valiantly trying to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee and retain some shreds of dignity in the pouring rain. So what better than turn to your favourite artforms or past times and crack on regardless.

You will need the discount code here

24 May 2012

Summer Workshops update

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Just a reminder that the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT of 20% will end on 31 May.
My textile workshops all take place at St Kenelms Church Hall, Romsley.

A summary of all summer workshops are here

11 May 2012

Computing (CorelDRAW) for Quilters – update

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Just an update to the previous post on the proposed course ‘Computing (CorelDRAW) for Quilters’ in response to requests from a few people, the course could be arranged for w/c 14 August ie the week of the Festival of Quilts which would enable people to travel from further afield and combine with a visit to FoQ. If you are interested, let me know.

10 May 2012

Flying Visits- Gallery Textiles is On The Road

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I have been busy sorting out my diary for late 2012 and 2013 and suddenly realised there is a gap. And as I can’t have me sitting around doing nothing (I wish) I thought I get out and about. So in short, if you are part of a group like Embroiderers Guild or Quilters Guild or anyone really – and you have a gap in your programme, I have put time aside this month and June and July to come out and bring lots of goodies and quite a few bargains. I can also do a few ‘on the fly’ demonstrations if there is something you’re not sure about. So for details click here and just let me know if you’re interested.

PS The pic is from my degree show toooooooooo many years ago.

8 May 2012

Computing for Quilters **NEW**

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Computing for Quilters **NEW**

A new course is in preparation just for Quilters!! The aim is to give quilters the skills to construct accurate shapes for patched quilts made up of squares, triangles, hexagons etc such as mosaic, greek keys, fishes and all of those great symmetrical shapes – or tessellations (I’m told!!) as featured here.

This course aims to develop software skills creating pattern outlines (vector images) using drawing software such as CorelDRAW or Adobe Illustrator. Vector images are outlines rather than images (bitmaps) and once constructed can be resized endlessly but retaining crisp detail.

Create basic shapes to accurate measurements.
Create multi – sided shapes using software tools.
Construct tessellations from basic shapes.
Design shapes and fill with colour, pattern or  ‘texture’.
Plan a full design for a patched design.

Courses are hoped to be held at Coombs Wood Business Centre (part of Halesowen College) in August 2012 (ish)and details will be broadly the same as the Photoshop for Textiles.

Contact me for details in the first instance
01527 882288 or 

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